Pentax are my other favorites. The more time I get, the more they deserve my respect. It’s true they are not contact, which may seem like unfriendly, but they do not go to – let’s get stuck in the next model we’ll fix it. They step carefully without much noise and advertising, but their devices are extremely well built, especially those from the digital era. Their objectives are also of excellent quality, even those that are whimsical.

The first digital camera I got from this Pentax ist DS is already 200,000 frames and continues to work tirelessly, only had the rubber on the handle gripped. But here we are talking about their film bodies.

Pentax is a small company that, in the struggle with big players, also relies on innovation and high quality of its production at the same or lower prices. One of their most reasonable moves is their bayonet, which today allows to use all the lenses produced in the era of their new digital bodies, and all the lenses produced on the 42/1 universal thread.

Pentax produces the first autofocus body Pentax ME F. The first autofocus model of Pentax with a motor in the lens. It is no strange that they later abandon this concept and so far the lenses in the lenses are far from the security they need to have to ensure long-lasting and trouble-free operation. Of course, the camera also works with ordinary lenses, keeping the opportunity to communicate for proper focusing.

One of the most popular models is Pentax ME – 1976.

Mounting a lens

Pentax K.


92% coverage, 0.97x magnification (50 mm lens), -0.5 dioptres.

Moving the movie

Single-stroke lever. Option 1.5 FPS external winding.


Type: Electronic Seiko Vertical Metal Focused Plane.

Indicator: Yes, red or black dot, just under the key mode.

Shutter speeds: 1/1, 000 ~ 8 seconds of AUTO (actually works much longer if needed at night), Bulb, 1/100 mechanical X-sync.

Sync speed: 1/100.

Self-timer: Variable 4 ~ 10 seconds delay.


Type: TTL Galli photo diode.

Measurement method: Central-weighted.

ISO: 12-1600.

Power supply and mechanics

Battery: two standard A76, S76, LR44, G13 or other cells.

Battery life: 1 year or 10,000 photos (250 reels). In practice, battery life usually lasts for years.

Size: 5.16 x 3.25 x 1.95 “(131 x 82.5 x 49.5 mm).

Weight: 16 – ¼ ounces (460 grams).

Mechanics and problems with Pentax bodies

The pentax bodies of this time have no difference in mechanics. This of course is typical of most electro-mechanical constructions. From the photos below, you will find that repairing such a body is extremely labor-intensive, especially when this repair imposes ” grip “of the body to reach the required node. In the illustration you observe a body that is subjected to such manipulation. For joy, such a thing is not often required.

What are the weaknesses of Pentax and how to avoid damage to your instrument?

The pentax bodies are well constructed and well constructed. In order to reduce their construction, they retain the logic of mechanics, and especially their lever loading system, by trying to shift the support points to achieve the same strength at a thin metal structure. is the weakest place in the body of Pentax. They expect, relying on purely human psychological factors – which at that time are justified, breaking the film at a sudden charge – that the device will charge smoothly. But the films also develop fast and for for a short time, they reach 4 times more tensile strength – practically they can not be torn at 2 frames per second.

If you value your camera, do not charge it abruptly! If you do not observe this condition, sooner or later you will hide the lever system and the apparatus will cease to function. The boulders should be removed and standing!

The second weak point in the pentax bodies is the drop and accumulation of dust under the top cover of the camera. This results in the contacting of the contacting groups. You will prolong the life of your body considerably if after the shooting day you purge and wipe it with a cleaner glass.

Do not try to lubricate the apparatus in any way. The fine mechanics grinder is specialized and is not sold in the ironworks due to its very high price, and in order to crush this machine we use 4 different types of lubricant Every such experience will end with the death of your body!

The other very dangerous enemy for your device is condensation or increased humidity. If you have worked under such conditions, make sure your device is dry. Remove the lens and leave it near the steam or for half an hour in the sun, turned upside down .

These are the things that depend on you, keeping them, you can rely on many more years of your favorite body.


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