Do it yourself

A few useful gadgets that will save you money and do an ideal job:

I.Circular luminaire

Which will replace the fully specialized flash with an external flash. The idea is not new, but my goal was:

  1. Do not use any accessories such as a tripod and a sync cable between the camera and the flash.
  2. Do not use the lens as a carrier.
  3. Avoid uneven lighting from the center position of the flash.
  4. The whole construction is extremely light.
  5. Facilitate the creation and use of materials that are in every home and are of negligible price.
    Here’s what it looks like:





This is the result that can be achieved with this diffuser –

II. Another idea of distraction

It is made of a bulk tobacco box that has a reflective surface inside the factory.
A similarly-slanted telescope is very suitable for creative projects.

Here are two examples of its application.






Bayonet Topcon to Pentax

How to convert a Pentax Topcon bayonet to use lenses with this Pentax body bayonet.

Flange focal distance

Pentax K-mount – 45.46 mm

Topcon UV bayonet 55 mm

What you need

Bionet Pentax from lenses, excellent for the purpose, are 50 mm on the Pentax.Metal ring, which from the inside enters the Topcon’s bayonet and outside

in the Pentax Baionet by the Topcon.6 camera. screws 1.5 mm and others. Check out my kit in the picture.


The next step

is to mount the ring to a bayonnet from the Topcon. To do this, insert the ring and carefully mark the 3 holes through which it has previously engaged the body of the chamber. Carefully pry the ring with a suitable drill bit and cut the thread. the photos show that I did otherwise, having installed the bayonet Pentax ring in advance, but I was absolutely sure about the accuracy of the ring making. The right way is to act in the reverse order so that a bayonet can be set exactly at infinity.





The next step

is to mount the ring to a bayonet from the Pentax camera, once you have finished it infinitely and of course watching the mud, the aperture, fall into the top of the camera. To do so, put the ring and carefully mark the 3 holes that were previously factory have been used to grip the leading inner ring. Recycle and cut the thread.


Here is the final look of a bayonet with a lens mounted. As between the ring for the bellows of the topcon bayonet and the ring of the Pentax remains a distance of about 1.7mm. I have applied the entire circle of the Pentax ring 1.5mm. two-component hard epoxy metal adhesive, also known as an epoxy kit, which after curing can be processed but is solid enough to avoid eating the ring of the blends. This protects the ring from improper motion and unnecessary strain. Well that’s it!