All items are handmade – using high quality of natural materials – pieces of Cork Oat Tree, White Willow Tree, Orange Tree etc.; And finished with a topcoat of specialised varnish.

Wooden /orange tree/ cup with simple wood carvings on the outside – together with a little spoon.

Dimensions – approximately 6 cm outer length; 4 cm outer width; 3 cm outer high

Little cork jewellery/utility box.
Veal bone side and top handles.
Dimensions – 10 cm outer length; 7.5 cm outer width; 6.4 outer high

Cork key holder with inlaid natural stones at the bottom.
Hemp rope handle.
Dimensions – 14.5 cm outer diameter

Elliptic cork key holder.
Dimensions – 15.6 cm x 13 cm outer diameters

Cork pen/pencil holder with inlaid natural stones.
Dimensions – 19.4 cm outer length; 11.5 – 8 cm outer width; 3.5 outer high

Wooden /Orange Tree/ cylindrical pen holder cup with inlaid natural poppy flower at the front side.
Dimensions – 11.4 cm outer high; 8 cm internal high; 8.5 cm outer diameter;

Wooden /White Willow Tree/ decorative statuette with a Christian cross wood carving on one side.
Dimensions – approximately 6 – 4.5 cm outer length; 1.5 – 3 cm outer width; 8.2 cm outer high